Business Analytics

Turning data into insights

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Business Analytics

At Solution Minds our goal is to make you successful in your analytics endeavours.

Business Analytics is the practice of exploration and investigation of past business performance to gain insight and drive business planning.

We know that the ability to deliver a successful analytics project starts with data and ends with an analytics solution that delivers insight into all aspects of an organisation to allow them to make informed decisions.

Information Management

Information is a crucial asset for every organisation.  Managing this valuable asset is a fundamental requirement for the data-driven organisation, especially to enable evidence-based decision making and deliver performance improvement rewards.

Solution Minds’ approach to harness information encompasses people, process and platforms to mitigate risk and ensure information assets are leveraged for maximum return.  Our approach is to deeply understand our clients’ requirements and leverage all available assets to deliver bite-sized projects that can highlight the value of the activity – as not all organisations need a data warehouse!

Business Intelligence

After trusted data we work with our clients to deliver business intelligence (BI) solutions that help the organisation gain insight into every aspect of the business; customers, employees; suppliers, etc. so they can plan ahead and act confidently and decisively, delivered anytime, anywhere, on any device.